Dental Bridge & Crown

Dental Bridge & Crown

A dental bridge & dental crown is a prosthetic device that is permanently fixed to your natural teeth. A dental crown may also be referred to as a dental cap. It is used to cover a tooth that has been severely damaged completely, or to add support to a tooth that has a large dental filling. It is also placed on the top of dental implants as well. Dental bridges are a tooth replacement option that is used to fill a space left by a missing or extracted tooth.

Dental Bridge

When space is left in the mouth by a missing or extracted tooth, it causes nearby teeth to drift towards the space. Over time, this drifting affects your bite and chewing function, due to misaligned teeth. A dental bridge fixes this problem by filling in the space with a replacement tooth. It can be made to replace a single missing tooth or many missing teeth. A dental bridge relies on two natural teeth, located at opposite ends of the dental bridge, to act as anchor points (abutments). The replacement tooth portion of the bridge is called a pontic. The pontic and abutments are joined to create one unit, the dental bridge. A dental laboratory creates a custom-made dental bridge that will match the size and shape of your natural teeth.

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Dental Crown

Dental crowns are used for functional or cosmetic purposes. Teeth that are severely damaged, have large dental fillings or are weakened, are made stronger with a dental crown. The dental crown can be made to handle chewing forces that a large filling cannot handle. Severely broken or damaged teeth can have their shape and function restored with dental crowns as well. The appearance of a tooth can be improved with a dental crown that changes the shape, colour and alignment of the tooth. Dental crowns can be made with a variety of dental materials to lend strength to a tooth or match the natural colour of nearby teeth for a natural look. They can be made with metal alloys, gold, ceramic and acrylic materials.

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When creating a dental crown or dental bridge, the tooth (or teeth in some cases) must first be slightly reduced in size, in order for the dental crown or dental bridge to fit or cover over it properly.

Once the tooth’s structure has been reduced, a dental impression is taken, to be used to create an exact fit. The dental impression is sent to a dental laboratory which custom makes the permanent dental crown or bridge. The dental crown or bridge is made to match the size, shape and colour of your natural teeth. The fabricated dental crown or dental bridge is then sent back to your dentist, where they permanently cement it to your tooth or teeth.

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