Dental Cleaning

What is a dental cleaning?

A dental cleaning or dental hygiene treatment is an important procedure that aims to maintain and improve oral health. Emerging research is starting trace a link between oral health and overall health. When poor oral health is present in the mouth, it can affect other areas of the body.

A dental cleaning is performed by a registered dental hygiene or dentist. It involves the removal of plaque build-up on the surfaces of the teeth. It also involves the removal of hardened plaque build-up, commonly referred to as tartar or calculus build-up.

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Why is it necessary?

Most of know that brushing and flossing our teeth regularly is crucial for good oral health. Even with regular flossing and brushing, it is not possible to effectively access all areas of the teeth. This could be due to having teeth that are misaligned, which results in crowding of the teeth and harder to access areas.

Patients with periodontal disease or periodontitis usually have deep areas between the gum and the tooth, these are referred to as pockets or periodontal pockets. These pockets form as a result of bone loss that is associated with periodontal disease. Having these deep pockets makes it difficult or impossible to effectively clean these deepened areas. A professional dental cleaning or teeth cleaning is the only way to properly remove bacteria and build-up in these areas.

Keeping teeth clean, prevents build-up and bacteria from causing gum disease and periodontal disease, which can lead to bone loss and eventually tooth loss.

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What should I expect?

A professional dental cleaning involves more than just removing plaque and hardened plaque build-up from the teeth. It also involves a thorough assessment of your teeth, gums, salivary glands and your entire mouth in general. Your dental hygienist and dentist are both trained to look for any abnormal signs that may be associated with oral diseases and oral cancer.

Once the assessment has been completed, a customised dental treatment plan will be prepared to address any oral issues and to achieve optimum oral health. Your treatment plan will indicate how often you should visit your dental office for a dental cleaning. Factors such as a history of dental decay, medications being taken, the presence of bleeding when brushing or flossing, are all considered when deciding on a dental cleaning schedule. Some patients may require a dental cleaning every 6 months, while others may require a cleaning ever 3 or 4 months.

If you have never had a dental cleaning before or if it has been more than a year since your last cleaning, it is strongly recommended that you visit a dental office for a cleaning and dental check-up.

Contact us if you would like to schedule your dental cleaning appointment or discuss any treatment options.